One month until blast off

Today is April 20, 2013. I cannot believe we only have one month until we leave for the year. Tom is trying to get the yard ready for Patty and Marshall Timm to move in and I am trying to get the house ready. My job is bigger than his. You never really know how bad your house has gotten until you get ready to move. Holy Moley, we are slobs. I will pick my Dad up in a few weeks to bring him over here to begin the Journey. He is as excited about it as we are. My hardest thing so far is figuring out this blog. Amy has showed me how to do things, but I am not as young as I used to be and things don’t stay with me as well. Ho Hum. Bear with us. By the end of the Journey we will have it down pat!! Keep your fingers crossed. For now, fair winds. See you next time. Melesia


3 thoughts on “One month until blast off

  1. Great start to “blogging” about your adventure. Even I’m getting excited as your ‘launch’ date draws nearer. Keep us updated often.

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