Alone again, naturally

Murrill family

Cait left us yesterday, to go back to LA. We had her for a week and it was not long enough. Her boyfriend, Brian, came down from Charlotte for the weekend, and we enjoyed having him here. He is a mini-Tom. He is wonderful young man. Sandy’s Mom and Dad and sister, Jeanne, Bob and Terry have also been in town and are leaving to go back to San Diego today. They have spent a few days here in the Boro with Sandy and Scott. We took on a lunch cruise aboard Journey. Good times were had by all. We have enjoyed having them near. Jim and Peg Heely joined our gang of 12 for dinner one night on their journey north. They are aboard the Monk 36 Sanctuary. I am sure they were quite overwhelmed by our boisterous family. We certainly enjoyed their company. Our boater friends are very special to Tom and me.


2 thoughts on “Alone again, naturally

  1. Hallooo from David March, crazed animator & fiddler. Years past my brother Don and I spent a fair amount of time with Tom. On a time we spent a few days sailing around the Chesapeake Bay. If memory serves it was a 36′ yawl with a Bimini-rig amidships. Don got sunburned , in unexpected regions from the reflections off the waves. It was the only time I can remember being around Tom that he was too busy keeping the boat in order to do that trick where he points at your shirt (“Hey, what’s that on your shirt?”) then gets your nose with his index finger when you look down. I fell for it every single time. I’ve missed Tom over the years while I was off trying to pay my bills finding work as an animator around the country. I hope you’re having a fine trip.

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