Bear Creek

Squalls out on the gulf stream. Big storm coming soon.—Jimmy Buffett

We took the boat to Wayfarers and had the rudder looked at and repacked.We got out of there around noon and headed up the Neuse. Last night we anchored out in a beautiful spot called Bear Creek.  It was harrowing, to say the least, getting in there.  We had read about it in the book “On the Water” anchor guide.  The little channel going in is around 7 feet deep, but on either side of that NARROW channel is one foot of water.  Tom had his eyes glued to the chart plotter to know the depths and Dad and I had our eyes peeled for crab pots.  When we reach our destination, we were glad we had made the effort.  It was a beautiful spot with easy access for a dog to go ashore.  This morning we awoke to rain and wind, but got underway between squalls.  It rained off and on all day.  We bobbed around a little.  Sandy Evans would not have been happy.  We decided to pull in to the free docks at Belhaven and seeing no boats there, we were thrilled……Until we got up close and personal.  There were little buoys (like crab pots) floating next to the pier so we tried to steer clear of them, all the while being blown around by gale force winds (that might be a slight exageration).  It just seemed that way to me since I was the one trying to get a line around a piling.  After a knock down, drag out fight with Tom, we decided to pull in to the Belhaven Marina.  The dock master there told us that boaters had complained about debris in the water there, so divers marked it with buoys so it could be cleaned up.  Well, why didn’t you let us know?!?!  Needless to say we needed an ice cream when we got in and decided to go to Farm Boys.  We will have dinner tonight with our friends David and Elizabeth on board another Monk here in Belhaven.


3 thoughts on “Bear Creek

  1. Thoroughly enjoy the blogs. Chalet traversed to NC last summer. The Great Dismal Swamp is beautiful. Be sure to stop at the NC welcome center on the way up. Visited many of the same places several years ago in our sailboat, Chateau. We will miss you at the rendezvous. Ed and Eileen Mowle

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