Alligator Creek

I have not been able to add pictures so I will try again.  These have been from the past couple of days

mangosjourney 003 Being hauled in Wayfarers Cove

mangosjourney 004 Our friend, Tom McCory, at Wayfarers Cove

mangosjourney 005  Hank and Tom eating ice cream from Farm Boys in Belhaven. 

001 Geese with their babies at Belhaven Marina

004 We saw three bald eagles on the trip up the Alligator River/Pungo Canal.  I was so excited to see the first one I had to text Sandy Evans, cause she loves these.  We were lucky to see three.  No, it wasn’t the same one following us…..

007 Last night we had a full moon and it was right above this lighthouse replica at Alligator Creek Marina.  It turned so cool last night.  We were wearing long sleeves to go eat with my oldest friend Ellen Pait Bell and her husband Allen.  What a great time we had going to a resturant in Manteo.  We also ran into Bob Tugwell and his wife Flossie.  It was great seeing them, also. It is so funny that Ellen and I can not see each other for years and just be able to pick up where we left off.  That is 51 years of friendship for you.  Don’t you love that kind of friend?

mangosjourney 004 Tom’s bff of 50 plus years, Jim Lyons, came to see us today at Alligator Creek Marina.  It was so good seeing him.  He also brought us some Yellow Fin Tuna.  Yum yum.  We will have it tonight at a potluck with our fellow travelers here.  Thanks Jimmy.  You’re the best.


2 thoughts on “Alligator Creek

  1. It is always great to see you!!!! Wish you safe travels and lots of sweet memories. Give Dad a kiss and a hug for me.
    LOVE YA’

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