Elizabeth’s Dock

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  Potluck dinner with other boaters at Alligator River Marina

I knew I could use a Bloody Mary, so I stumbled next door to the bar…..JB

We had just a little set back in Elizabeth City yesterday. Everyone who knows me, knows I should not be allowed around any sharp intrument. I had cut my fingernails really short cause I was breaking them like crazy. Tom brought me an orange up to the flybridge and I thought I would peel it with my VERY sharp knife since I couldn’t get my fingernails in to it. I ended up slicing my thumb and I held pressure on it for an hour and a half and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. When we pulled in to Elizabeth City free docks, I was going to walk to an Urgent Care or ER. This fellow, named Eldon Jackson, stopped by to see if we needed help tying up and I asked him if there was one of the above any where around. He said I will take you there. They were too far to walk. He took me to the ER and then came and picked me up when they were finished with me. There are still wonderful people in this world.
Today we left Elizabeth City and headed up the Dismal Swamp. It was a beautiful day. We saw a pair of Osprey…Tom said they were mating, I thought he was just giving her a back massage!!!! We saw two red headed woodpeckers and a hundred turtles. Dad and Tom saw a few snakes, but I didn’t see them. We went thru our first lock. yea. We walked to dinner tonight at a pizza place and then went to the grocery store for a couple of things. It is a beautiful evening.

mangosjourney 004 Beautiful day at the beginning of the Dismal Swamp

mangosjourney 015 A  couple of the hundred turtles we saw

mangosjourney 021   Hank holding the bow line in lock number one…South Mills

mangosjourney 022  Hank had help handling the lines, from Mango

mangosjourney 035 The mirror affect is so neat on the Dismal Swamp




4 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Dock

  1. The pictures are beautiful, but you didn’t telling us about your hand. Did you have to get stitches. I hope all of you are having a great time. I MISS YOU ALREADY!

  2. Hope the hand is better, Admiral, you don’t have time for hospitals, etc.! The Sgt. Maj. looks authoritative (as he should) up on the bow dealing with the lock lines… Great pics!!
    We’re enjoying the house but sure miss you guys already!?!?

  3. Hope your recovery is going well, Melissa. What’s your ETA in/around Norfolk? If possible we’d like to drive down from Richmond for lunch/dinner with you.

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