Ran in to a chum, with a bottle of rum, and we wound up drinking all night.      JB

We have had a fun couple of days.  Yesterday we were in Tom’s old stomping grounds.  We stayed at Rebel Marina on Willoughby Spit.  His friend David Briggs owns and runs the marina and he was very accomodating.  They had great long talks about the good old days.  Our new friends, Sharon and Wayne, were with us on their boat, My Sharona.  Go ahead and sing it…..I did.  Margaret and Dennis Bounds (Tom’s sister and husband), niece Jamie and husband Nick and Sharon and Wayne, Dad, Tom and I all ate out at the Thirsty Camel.  It was a great time together and a wonderful meal.  Jim Brownlie met us there for a drink about the time we were finishing up our meal.  It was so nice being with family and friends.

mangosjourney 005

We left Rebel Marina at 7am and headed north to Deltaville.  We had a nice breeze with us, so we rocked and rolled up the Chesapeake.  I took a nice little nap cause Tom makes me get up so early, but the day was beautiful and we arrived here at Doziers Regatta Marina around 1:00.  We took off in the courtesy car to find…..what?…..ice cream.

  mangosjourney 006  Thimble Shoal light house

mangosjourney 008 Wolf Trap light house

mangosjourney 010  Osprey nest with babies



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  1. You guys are having way too much fun!! Sounds great! We are planning our trip south in a few weeks and we look forward to seeing you in Florida next year! Roger

  2. You guys are doing a great job keeping all us “low lifes” informed on your trip. Sounds like a grand time to be had by all, so far. Keep up the good word.

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