Manasquan, NJ

I get up now, about the time I used to go to bed……JB

Yes, girls and boys, this next picture is of a sunRISE.  My husband is obsessed with getting up at the crack of dawn.  We were up this morning at 5:00, and were pulling up anchor and getting underway by 5:30.  Coffee was made and cereal was eaten.

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 001

The egrets were having breakfast as we passed thru that narrow inlet going back out to sea.

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 003

Well, I have to let you know that today was a red letter day.  Tom actually let me drive the boat while he took a nap.  I know, I know, he shouldn’t have gotten up so early.  Anyway.  Dad and I were up on the fly bridge having a gay old time.  He only slept an hour and a half, but I felt like Jack Sparrow, manning my own ship!!!! Entering Manasquan was a worry because of breaking surf and a 4 knot current but we made it in safely to Hoffmans Marina.  We spent two days there waiting on better weather.  The facilities were awesome with new showers and rest rooms.

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 006  This is a picture of the entrance to Manasquan.  These pillars were making a jetty.  It was a beautiful piece of modern art.

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 007  This was a railroad bridge that we had to pass thru to get to our marina.  I know it doesn’t look small from this picture, but believe me, it was.  The storm was coming and the currents were screaming.  It was fun!!  We docked right on the other side of this, so we heard the commuter train all day and in to the night.  The train was not as bad as the horn on the bridge.  We waited out the storm here.  It was a nice marina.  The next morning we awoke to a boat near us sinking.  Don’t know what happened to it.  It was down by the time we left.


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