Half Moon Bay Marina, Croton on Hudson, NY

I might have joined the Merchant Marines if I hadn’t learned how to sing ……JB

This was a very exciting day today.  We went thru NY harbour and up the Hudson River.  New York was so beautiful.  It was a very overcast day, but I took lots of pictures. Lady Liberty was beautiful. We had high seas from Manasquan to New York harbour.  We had 8 to 10 footers on our stern, but “Journey” handled it like the Lady she is.  Mango did not handle it as well as the boat did.  He gets pretty sea sick.  Amy and Cait can relate to that.  The first sight of NY was 20 miles out, we could see the tops of the skyscrapers.  Once past Coney Island, Manhattan loomed large.

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 008 Coney Island

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 011 West Bank horn

Once past “The Narrows” organized chaos ensued.  Tom switch the radio to channel 13 so he could talk directly to ship, tugs and water taxis

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 012 tug pulling barge out to sea

At one point, an eight hundred foot oil tanker decided to turn across our bow.  Luckily, we had been communicating and we knew his intent.  Crossing thru Manhattan Harbour in to the Hudson River was intense.  To top it off, there was a swimming competion going on with police escort.  We looked for Scottie Evans, but failed to find him.

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 060

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 025 abandoned light house a base of Varrazono Bridge

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 033 Robbins Reef Light

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 047 I got this pic right when this sailboat was passing by.  I loved it.

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 039 Staten Island Ferry

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 030 chartered schooner passing in front of Manhattan

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 064 Little Red Lighthouse….base of George Washington bridge

We traveled approximately 20 miles inland on the Hudson River before it started to become more rural.  We had decided to spend the night at the Half Moon Bay marina in Croton on Hudson.  We motored past the palisades as the river narrowed and became more charming.  We went under the Tappan Zee Bridge which was just 7 miles from our destination.

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 068 Sleepy Hollow Light aka Tarrytown Light

As we motored past Sing Sing prison, I had thoughts of putting my Dad ashore, but thought better of it.  No need to subject those poor prisoners to cruel and unusual punishment.

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 071 Sing Sing prison

Our total time from Manasquan NJ to Half Moon Bay marina was 12 long hours.  Upon arrival, about six other looper boats were already there and helped tie us up.  Let the party begin!!  The marina had an upscale condo complex attached to it.  The homeowners were complaining about dogs being on their property.  We had to pass thru their property to get to the doggie walk area.  We had to put poor Mango in a cart to carry him past the condo area.  He was so humiliated.

Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 074Mangosjourneymanasquantonyc 076

We stayed two days at this marina.  Caught up on laundry and made new looper friends. The fellow that runs this marina was very helpful.  He took us where ever we needed to go.  We went to a farmers market and also a gourmet market and specialty store.  Amy and Cait would have loved it. 




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