Kingston, NY 6/13/13

Well, it’s a beautiful night….We’re looking for something dumb to do….Hey, baby, think I want to marry you.  Bruno Mars

Today is the 13th of June.  The day before my anniversary.  I asked Tom this morning if he would marry me again, if he had it to do all over again.  He said, “Think of the boat I could have now, if I hadn’t gotten married”. Well, that was not the answer I was looking for, but he did say later that he would marry me again in a minute. Ok.  I’ll take it.  We have been married 26 years tomorrow.  All my old friends will be shocked and amazed, as no one thought it would last.  I remember Sharon Scarborough (Murhpy) giving me a one year leave of absence from work cause she thought I would be back.  Fooled everyone, didn’t I.  Tom is the most wonderful man in the world.  If I hadn’t married him, I wouldn’t have Amy and Cait and I wouldn’t have our sweet Willow.  I am blessed. 

We are stuck in Kingston, NY.  Tom keeps calling it Kinston.  Wonder if he is homesick?  The locks up the Erie Canal are closed due to all the rain.  We have about 6 or 7 boats here with us, doing the Loop.  We have called the locks to see when they are going to open and they told us to stay here.  They are so packed up there.  They won’t let anymore boats come up.  We are having fun with our other Loopers.

mangosjourneyKingston 001 Yesterday was a beautiful day, despite the forcast calling for torrential rains.  We were all bored sitting here.  Mango was sitting out on the deck.  When he put his head on his hand and sighed real big, I had to take a picture to show how we all felt!

mangosjourneyKingston 003 This is our group of Loopers.  We get together at 5:00 every night for docktails.  Great group of people.  We are having so much fun with them.


6 thoughts on “Kingston, NY 6/13/13

  1. Yes friend. I could not believe you got married. You found the one in a million that
    Would hold you. So happy for you and the great time your having. That 5:00 thing would be enough to keep me happy.

  2. I am really enjoying reading about your adventures. I know it must be a great trip. Mango is so cuite in the picture. Take care of Dad and everyone be safe. Love you all, Carolyn

  3. Really enjoying keeping up with the Journey, even though you had considered incarcerating your own father! 😀 Keep it coming. Getting ideas for the day I get my own trawler. Love to you all (especially Mango for the website)-

    Ira White

  4. Hi Guys,
    We’re really enjoying following your Journey! Sounds like great fun. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you get to move soon. What model grill do you have? We’re going to get one for the trip south. Linda joins in sending all our best. Rog

  5. Happy anniversary and all the updates and pics are great! Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Can’t wait till it’s my turn.

  6. Looks like you guys are having a great time…i will keep checking on you from time to time. Have Fun….
    Jay Fortenbery

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