June 25, Shady Harbor Marina

This morning…..I shot 6 holes in my freezer…..I think I have cabin fever….somebody sound the alarm  JB

FINALLY, I am able to get on the internet!!  I have been going crazy here, not being able to post anything.  Talk about cabin fever…  We have been in Kingston NY for 10 or 11 days and now we have been up here in New Baltimore NY for 3 or 4 days.  The days are all running together.  We decided to move up a little closer to the locks the other day.  Kingston was a wonderful little town, but I was ready for something new.  Shady Harbor Marina is a very nice marina with a great pool and bath house, nice store, and wonderful shade with comfortable chairs to sit and read our books.  Dad and I have been going thru some books!!  We have quite a few loopers here with us, so of course, we have been having fun.  If I had known we were going to be still for this long, I would have gone to see Cait.  But, who knew.  They tell us that the lock will be open on Wed., so we are thinking the boats further up will be going on Thurs and we will follow on Fri.  Unless Tom gets a wild hair and makes us leave tomorrow.  Who knows with him.  Right now we are without airconditioning. There is so much crap in the water that it clogged out intake and now we have nothing.  Thank goodness there is a nice breeze.  It is quite hot here, but with the breeze, it is bearable.   I have been trying to put pictures on this page, but they won’t come through.  I will try again tonight.  We miss everyone, but we are having a ball.




4 thoughts on “June 25, Shady Harbor Marina

  1. Hey You Two… Keep the faith, and know life’s lemons can give you sweet lemonade (or memories), along with eternal hope and expectation of the possibilities that come with what only tomorrow will bring…

  2. To bad you guys have been stuck in one place for so long. Once you get back underway all will be forgotten and the new updates will flow back in. Looking forward to it.

  3. Hey Tom and Melesia! Looks like y’all are having great fun! Is there a way to remove the email sign up from my view? I signed up, but it is still covering your post. I have not been able to read the full articles.

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