Smith Falls Ontario July 17

We have had a HOT few days now and I am really tired of it.  I thought Canada was supposed to be cooler than the south.  We were at a free dock, with power, yesterday and there was so much grassy stuff in the water that it clogged up the air cond intake and cut the a/c off.  It was 102 degrees!!!!!  We could not do any thing about it at the time cause we were going to be in that grass all night.  SO, we spent a miserable night in the sweltering heat.  We went thru a lot of locks the past few days.  They are kind of like elevators for boats.  I was so excited about being able to go thru so many of them (almost 200) before we started this trip.  Now I am thinking to myself, WHY.  Why was I so excited.  I am hating them now.  I know hate is a strong word to use on a poor little lock, but I do hate them.  I swear, I do. 

We passed thru a town called Merrickville today.  It made me think of my nephew, Merrick.  He just turned 9 years old and he is with my sister (his grandmother) up in DC.  Happy Birthday, Buddy.  I love you.

We are tied up now at Smith Falls.  It is a nice little town.  It started raining on us about an hour after we got here.  At least it is cooling things off a bit.  It is probably down to at least 95 now!!!  I fixed the air con.  It was clogged with so many weeds, I had to pull the tubes off the intake and clean all the junk out.  It was so hot down in the engine room.  I told Tom I was going to come out of there weighing 120lbs, since I was sweating so profusely.  When I finally got out of there, Tom looked at me and said “It didn’t work”.  Oh well.



3 thoughts on “Smith Falls Ontario July 17

  1. I love the updates!! We are in Utah where now, in the “cool of the day” it is 97 degrees. Am I missing the pics? I was looking forward to some lock pictures, if you have the opportunity to take some. Lots of love, Granny and Susan

  2. Now you’re running a spa! It’s hot here too..yuky Hope you get some nicer weather.stay out of the weeds, OOXX

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