Peterborough, Ont July 31

This is the most beautiful country.  We have had such wonderful days cruising around all these million islands.  They all seem to have a house on them.   Every time we pass one, I tell Tom that I could live there.   We have had trouble with the boat.  A few days ago, it would not start and we called a mechanic to meet us in Peterborough.  He came and said he fixed the problem.  We were in our first lock the next morning and it would not start.  (You have to shut your engine down in the locks up here).  Tom quickly went below and started the generator and it charged the battery enough to get it started.  Yoazer!!! That was scary.  We have four other boats with us, going thru the locks together.  The locks are pretty close together, so if you start out with 5 boats, you usually go thru all the locks, that day, together.  They all knew our problem, so they all agreed we could keep the power on thru the locks.  The lock masters were not happy, but they agreed.  We called the mechanic again and he agreed to meet us at the next stop. 

On a sad note, Amy and Josh and our sweet Willow, just left for Bahrain.  We will miss seeing them.  Please pray for their safety.  I am so excited about their new adventure.  Everyone who knows me, knows that I love to travel, and I loved living overseas.  I pray that Amy and Josh will have a wonderful tour there and they will get to travel alot and see different places in the middle east.  We love you all dearly, and hope you have the time of your lives.  Keep sending those pics of that precious girl.


4 thoughts on “Peterborough, Ont July 31

  1. Tom, I hate to bother you during this great trip, but can you please contact me here at CAFO at your earliest convenience…. 910-451-6512. or email… having issues with accessing your old comuter. Thanks Billy

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