New York to Lake Champlain July 2

These are pics we took up the Hudson River to the Troy Lock and in to Lake Champlain.

??????????  This was coming in to Albany, New York’s capital.  It was beautirul

?????????????????????????  This was the first federal lock we went thru.  The water was so rough.  We were tossed around like a toy boat in a bathtub.

mangosjourneyjuly7 041   Tom wanted me to take this picture.  He knew Marshall and Jimmy would know what it was.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  Here is the point of no return.  Decisions, decisions.  Since the Erie Canal was CLOSED, it really was not a big decision!

???????????  Our first lock on the Champlain Canalmangosjourneyjuly7 037  Inside the lock.

mangosjourneyjuly7 045 Yay.  We are on the Champlain Canal





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