Shady Harbor, NY June 25

We had such a great time in Shady Harbor meeting new friends.  We stayed there 10 or 11 days but I was unable to post pics.  Since my new found genius, I will post pics now.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I know that you won’t believe this, but I actually cooked crab cakes.  My friend Ellen Bell gave me this crab and I used it to make crab cakes for one of our pot lucks.  They were fabulous.  Thanks Ellen, Love you.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????  This was so much crap in the water.they had to clear it out so we could leave.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  We lowered our mast to be able to go thru the bridges on the Chambly River and Lake Champlain which had a controlling height of 17 ft.

mangosjourneyJune22 025  Tom and Dad at lunch.

????????????????????????????????????????  Some of the little towns have symbols that they use.  This one is trains.  They were all over the place, but I won’t bore you with the pics of all of them!!

??????????????????????????????  Dad and Mango.  Dad found a great place to sit and read his books.  He is in a wonderful rocking chair overlooking the Hudson River.  Mango went up there with him everyday, to be petted by the passers by.

mangosjourney 114  One of our docktail parties.

?????????????????????????  Dad’s beard in its second month.






2 thoughts on “Shady Harbor, NY June 25

  1. Dad looks great in his beard and that picture of you really shows that you are his spitting image. ! Not sure I realized that before. Love love reading your blog. So happy you can share it with us.

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