Lake Champlain to Sorel Ont

mangosjourneyjuly8 007  Yay, we are going in to Canada.  These were the flags we had to put up.  The yellow is a quarantine flag and the other, the Canadian courtesy flag

mangosjourneyjuly8 008  This was the customs building where Tom had to hobnob with the custom officials.  They were more interested in his NCIS hat than what we had on the boat.

mangosjourneyjuly8 009 Welcome to Canada

mangosjourneyjuly8 010  Our first Canadian light house

mangosjourneyjuly8 015  Entering the Chambly Canal.  This was one of our favorite places.  The whole Canal was so beautiful and tres French

mangosjourneyjuly8 022  At each lock there were people milling about.  This was our first lock at Chambly and these guys were just sitting on the bench passing the time of day.  The lock masters were so sweet.  They were college girls doing this for their summer jobs.  Soooo sweet.

mangosjourneyjuly8 024  The Chambly Canal was very narrow with bike paths on one side and the town on the other.

mangosjourneyjuly8 054  Tom and Dad at Chambly basin.  The end of the Chambly Canal.  One of the locks.

mangosjourneyjuly8 052  This was not what I expected of the big locks.  There was water pouring out.

mangosjourneyjuly8 057  Tom takes us to the nicest places when it is his time to buy.  This was a Canadian version of Dairy Queen.  I must admit, the ice cream was delicious.

Imangosjourneyjuly8 058  There were a lot of signs welcoming me to Canada.  I thought it was very nice of them.

mangosjourneyjuly8 062 Sunset in Sorel on the St Lawrence Seaway


One thought on “Lake Champlain to Sorel Ont

  1. Love the photos…. A day without mechanical matters is no doubt the best of days, but not always the most memorable…. Safe travels to you all.

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