New York to Lake Champlain

?????????????????????????????????????  Mechanicville, NY We met up with a few other loopers and have been with them off and on throughout this trip.  Tom loved this stop.  They had free docking and electricity!!  Had a great breakfast at “The Ugly Rooster”

????????????????????????????  Dad beside the river that flowed next to the canal and lock.

????????????????????????????  Loopers

mangosjourneyjuly7 060  I took this picture to show all the debris in the water.  When I looked at it later, I saw the gigantic bird house in the background.  OK it is not really a bird house, but it sure looks like one.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The water was so high and flowing so fast, this green marker was underwater.

mangosjourneyjuly7 069  This was one of the markers after the lock that made me howl with laughter.  We do nine miles per hour, with out current!

?????????????????????????  Dad and Tom on the boat, waiting for the lock to open

????????????  One of the locks we went through on the way to Lake Champlain.

??????????????????  This was a small cottage on the bank of the river in Whitehall.  I told Tom that I could live there and he said ok and he bought it for me.  We will not tell you our address.  We don’t want visitors.

mangosjourneyjuly7 102  Same house, different view.

????????????????  Fort Ticonderoga

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  Beautiful scenery with New York on one side and Vermont on the other side.

????????????????????????????????????????  Lake Champlain before the fog burned off


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