Mackinac Island Aug 19

I am bringing you in to present day right now.  I have been trying to  back pedal and catch you up on the few weeks I was without the internet.  We pulled in to Mackinac Island on Sat and stayed until this morning.  It was one of my favorite places.  The whole island is a car free zone.  People get around on bicycles or horses.  We took a tour of the island straight away so that we would know what we wanted to go back and see!

Mangosjourney aug18 026  This was our view on the carriage.

We went by the Grand Hotel, where one of my favorite movies, “Somewhere in Time”, was filmed.  It was so incredibly beautiful.  It costs $10 just to go in to the hotel, if you are not registered there.  Whoa Nellie.

???????????  It looks just like the movie!!

Mangosjourney aug18 047  The road leading to the Grand Hotel was covered with flowers

??????????????????????????  A topiary of a horse and carriage at the Grand Hotel

??????????????????????????????  The lawn and view from Grand Hotel.  Do you remember this from the movie?

We went by the most beautiful houses with absolutely lovely flower gardens.  Jean would have been in heaven.  Cait would have been sneezing her head off!!

??????????????? ??????????????? ??????????????? ?????????????????????????????????? Mangosjourney aug18 052 Mangosjourney aug18 053  Are the lawns not beautiful.  The stone fireplaces and the lovely rounded cupolas.

We went to a natural arch in a wall the water had made.  It was so beautiful.

Mangosjourney aug18 029 Mangosjourney aug18 035

Mangosjourney aug18 030 Mangosjourney aug18 031 The water was so crystal clear, people would form pictures of different things or write messages to other people.Mangosjourney aug18 033

The town was full of tourist.  Ferries ran all day, bringing folks over from the main land.  We ran in to a few loopers, but most of our crowd is a few days behind us.  Here are more pics of Mackinac.  Can you tell I loved it?

???????????????  Flowers hanging in baskets on street

???????????????????????????????????? Catholic cemetary.  They bury Catholics and Protestants in separate cemeteries.  Catholic was prettier.

Mangosjourney aug18 037  View from our walk down the hill from the Grand Hotel

Mangosjourney aug18 039 Beautiful steeple

???????????????  Outside a restaurant

Mangosjourney aug18 050  Little Stone Church and parking lot.  Someone was getting married here.  There is a three year waiting list.  Get on the list NOW.

???????????????????????  Sunrise, as we were leaving this morning

Mangosjourney aug18 058  Round Rock lighthouse

Mangosjourney aug18 060  Bridge over Straits of Mackinaw

Mangosjourney aug18 056  This lighthouse was on the other side of the Straits from Round Rock light.  I don’t know it’s name.



3 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Aug 19

  1. I LOVED all the photos!!!! All I could think about was the movie. This place is gorgeous! And when I saw the cemetery I laughed because every time I see a cemetery now I think of the difference between a cemetery and and graveyard. I miss you guys too much!

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