Montreal to Ottawa

We decided, instead of transiting the St Lawrence Seaway all the way to Lake Ontario, we would cut across the Ottawa River to Ottawa and then down the Rideau to Lake Ontario and on the the Trent Severn Waterway.

mangosjourney July 14 024  Big ships on the St. Lawrence Seaway

mangosjourney July 14 002  We saw several local churches along the waterway that looked like this

mangosjourney July 14 023  Beautiful windmill along the waterway

mangosjourney July 14 027mangosjourney July 14 028  you can hardly even see the bridge we were going under

mangosjourney July 14 040  This is for Cait and Chris-o.  How do you like this rollercoaster! It is on the St Lawrence Seaway in Montreal

mangosjourney July 14 042  This is the reason we had to wait on the lock.  They won’t let pleasure crafts go thru with commercial ships.

When we entered Montreal and the beginning of the St Lawrence, we were hit with an intense thunderstorm.  Visibility was virtually zero.  We had such little room to operate, the radar was no use.  Tom put the boat close to a container ship that was tied to a dock as we waited for visibility.  We then entered the St Lawrence Seaway to lock through.  We transited two gigantic locks en route to St. Anne de Bellvue.

mangosjourney July 14 048  This is the last time Dad had on this hat.  It flew overboard as we were exiting the lock.  The lockmaster now has a wonderful hat.mangosjourney July 14 063  At St Anne de Bellevue we had a wonderful Japanese dinner.

mangosjourney July 14 064mangosjourney July 14 068 Waiting to lock thrumangosjourney July 14 075  I thought my niece Shannon’s house was the biggest house in the world until we saw the houses along the waterway.  This is a TYPICAL house.

mangosjourney July 14 079 mangosjourney July 14 084 Carrillon Lock.  A 69 foot vertical lift.  It had floating docks to tie too.  mangosjourney July 14 087  This is our friend Arch and his daughter Kate locking thru with us.

mangosjourney July 14 096  The largest log cabin in the world….Montebello

mangosjourney July 14 098  Another one of those beautiful houses


mangosjourney July 14 105  The parliament building coming in to Ottawa

The trip to Ottawa was beautiful, but nothing compares to the eight step locks we transited at Ottawa.  The locks lifted us over one hundred feet in to down town Ottawa at the Parliament buildings.  I don’t think, in all of our travels over the world, we have seen more beautiful buildings.

mangosjourney July 14 108 Eight step locks in Ottawa.  It took 2 hours to transit 8 locks.

mangosjourney July 14 127 Tom and Mango waiting to lock thru

mangosjourney July 14 121  They welcomed us to Ottawa

mangosjourney July 14 118 mangosjourney July 14 117 mangosjourney July 14 125 We tied up in downtown Ottawa, which was operated by the National Park Service. There was no charge to tie up since we had bought a canal pass so we only paid $9:00 for electricity.  woop woop


2 thoughts on “Montreal to Ottawa

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Just enjoy.

    We had good news Tuesday, Billy finished chemo for this round on Monday 26, had MRI on 27th. Dr came in room and sad I see no tumor. Unless you have new developments/symptoms see you in 6 months. As we left the office for the parking lot he said I believe I could run to the car. He jogged up the hill to the car. He goes back to Oncologist next Tue. Will see what protocol is now. God is so good. Thank you for your prayers.

    Continued prayers for a safe journey. Love you all.

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