Green Turtle Bay Resort to Joe Wheeler State Park October 9

Left Green Turtle Bay late in the morning as we were only going a few miles to anchor.  Sugar Bay was probably one of the top 5 anchorages of our trip.  As we entered the small entrance to the bay we were encircled by beautiful trees and vegetation, with no civilization in sight.


We seemed to own the stars that night as we looked in to the heavens.  The following morning, after a hardy breakfast, we continued only 30 miles to our next anchorage in Ginger Bay..mangosjourneys Oct 8 001 Passed this on the way, thought of my sister, Jean.

This was a very large and deep bay.  We discovered another Looper boat, Spiritus, already anchored.  We snuggled the boat up to a shore, behind a bluff, so the other boat would not be in sight.

Sept 26 Dad on Journey at anchor Sept 27 Sunset at anchor

Sept 27 Dad on Journey at sunset

Luckily, we were near a boat ramp, which made it easier to take Mango ashore.  We have taught Mango and new trick to boarding Journey from the dingy, by climbing the ladder.  He can no longer be called Mango, the flying dog.  Now he is Mango the climbing dog.  We met some people camping and chatted with them for a while.  The land was a national wildlife refuge and it was beautiful.  The next day we ran another 30 miles to Pebble Isle Marina where we met up with the other loopers, ”Carol Ann”, “Spiritus” and the power Cat “Journey”.  We had a lot of fun there.  The dock hand, Ron, treated us so wonderfully.  He was quite a character.  We had a wonderful dinner with the other Loopers.  The owners, Tammy and Randy, were very accommodating.  Even though the restaurant was closed on Monday, they brought in cinnamon buns for everyone that was leaving that day.  They treated Dad like a king.

Oct 5 sunrise on TN River Sunrise leaving Pebble Isle

The next three days we anchored in Lick Creek, Swallow Bluff, Diamond Island.  In Lick Creek we met a nice couple with a beautiful home on the shore.

mangosjourney Tennessee River Oct 1 014 The home of Martha and Ronnie Daws at Lick Creek

They invited us to their private boat ramp to take Mango ashore, then they raided their garden and gave us two bags of tomatoes and peppers.  We shared our bounty with Rick and Margie on board “Journey”.

On our trip from Lick Creek to Swallow Bluff, we passed a dead tree with a gigantic nest.  On five different branches sat 5 bald eagles.  What a sight to behold.  As we were leaving Swallow Bluff we saw goats on the island.

mangosjourneys Oct 8 006

We passed Cherry Mansion which was the confederate headquarters for Gen Grant.

Oct 2 Cherry Mansion on TN River

As we were pulling in to Diamond Island, we saw a coyote running along the shore.  I was sure it was a chubracabra, but Tom insisted it was a coyote.  Tom enjoyed the anchorages between the island and the river because of the protection from the wind and the current would hold the boat without any swing.


We went thru Pickwick Dam and Lock en route to Pickwick State Park and Marina.

???????????????????????????????????????????????? Pickwick Lock

I was very disappointed in Shiloh being closed due to the government shut down.  I really wanted to see that park.  We were also terribly disappointed in the service at Pickwick Marina.  We did have a great dinner, though, at the resort.  They picked us up at the marina and took us there and back.  From Pickwick we headed to Florence, AL.  They had a courtesy car and we went to Wally World (Walmart) and to the movies.  We saw “Prisoners”.  Great movie.  Met up with lot of Loopers.  Everyone is converging now to meet at Joe Wheeler State Park for the rendezvous.  We arrived early, at Joe Wheeler, along with five other Loopers.  There were others already here to greet us and help tie up.   We had a nice dinner last night with thirteen people.  There is a chill in the air as we watch the leaves change color.  We are excited about our upcoming trip to Chattanooga during the peak of the fall colors, but mainly, we are excited that Cait will be there for a visit.  We will start heading to Mobile and on to the Keys in November.

Sept 30 lighthouse house This was a house that looked like a lighthouse….  cool

Oct 1 Dad with 5 month beard Dad’s beard at 5 months.  Helllllloooooo Uncle Si

mangosjourneys Oct 8 005 We love our sunsets on the water.

mangosjourneys Oct 8 008 Chalk Bluff

Oct 2 house with edge over hanging Take a real close look at this house.  The land has wasted away and the edge of the foundation is hanging over.  Gotta move…..ya think?

Oct 3 house with rail car to dock on Tn River  This house was on the Tenn River and it had a rail car down to its pier!!

Oct 5 dinner with Loopers Dinner with loopers at Florence, AL  The TN/GA game was on and I was very distracted during dinner

mangosjourneys Oct 8 019 Helen Kellers birthplace.

Oct 8 Journey (Cat) in Wilson Lock.  This was our tallest lock.  It rose 94 feet.

Oct 8 heron on lock Catching fish in the lock.

Oct 8 Wheeler Lock Wheeler Lock.  Number 126 for us.


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  1. Love the post ..the govie shutdown sucks. Your Dad needs a pipe and a foulie hat to complete his look. Have fallen in love with his pictures! OOXX Barbara

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