American Great Loop Cruisers Association Rendezvous at Joe Wheeler State Park Oct 14-17

mangosjourney Rendezvoux Oct 20 030

I can’t believe I have waited this long to post on the rendezvous.  We had so much fun.  Hank was treated like a king.  There were so many friends there.  It was great fun seeing everyone we had met along the way and also to meet new friends that were just starting their loop.  Some of our old friends, Allyn and Mark, were there and we had drinks on their boat “Second Wind” one night.  She (Allyn) was a huge fan of NCIS and Tom presented her with an official hat.  She did not take it off while we were there!!  She loved it.        ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????                          ??????????????????????????????????????????   

One night Tom was looking at facebook and looked up his old NCIS friend, John Schlotterer..  Come to find out, they lived about an hour away and he and his family came for a visit.  What a great time we had.  Their daughter, Maddie, was a doll and stole our hearts.                                                                             

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????   ????????????????????????????? Maddie loved Mango and he loved her!

??????????????????????????? Docktails on night at the pool.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Dinner at the rendezvous with other loopers.

??????????????????????????????? Tom threw away our beat up burgee.  We replaced it with a new one.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? One of the sponsors hosted a cocktail party one night.  Those were a big hit!!  Dad met a retired USMC, MajGen  who is also a Looper and had a nice talk with him and his wife.

??????????????????????????????????????? Retired school teacher, Sharon Simion, with Dad.  Sharon and her husband Tony are both retired teachers.  Their boats name is “Summer Recess”.  I love it.!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? dinner one night

?????????????????????????????? You may think this is funny, but I think this is my first Coot.  He was right by our boat on afternoon.

????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  All these pics are different friends we have met along the way.

?????????????????????????????????????????????? Dad was presented an AGLCA shirt for being the oldest Looper.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  mangosjourney Rendezvoux Oct 20 022 They took Dad up front and thanked him for his military service to our country.  They asked him to lead us in the Star Spangled Banner.  He received a standing ovation.

mangosjourney Rendezvoux Oct 20 025  Dad, surrounded by looper women.  Welcome to my world!!

???????????????????????????????????  Dad in front of Great Loop map.

mangosjourney Rendezvoux Oct 20 029 The law enforcement crowd.

mangosjourney Rendezvoux Oct 20 031 Our Toronto friend, Chris.  He is a detective in Toronto, doing the loop with his wife.

???????????????????????? Dad with Sharon and Jay off “Golden Hawk”

?????????????????????????????????????????????? We had a wonderful sing-a-long on the last night.

mangosjourney Rendezvoux Oct 20 039 The day we left was cold and wet.  This beautiful spider web was on our pier.

I know I did not write much.  I had more pictures than text!!  There was not much to say.  The pictures said more than I could.  We had a great time.  Enough said.



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