About Us

About Us:

We are a typical American family of five.  Melesia , Tom, Amy,  Cait and “Mango” our 90 pound  yellow Labrador Retriever.   The girls have grown up with lives of their own but “Mango” has stayed and remains enthusiastic in all things related to a ball and travel on our trawler “Journey”.

Our story together begins 25 years ago on our second date.  I took Melesia sailing on a 43 ‘ cutter and we were caught in a storm.  To my total surprise Melesia thought falling off 10 waves was fun.  I immediately realized this was the girl for me and we were married shortly thereafter.  Our pre-marriage discussions centered on my desire to one day sail around the world which was complimented by Melesia’s love of remote travel.  A marriage was made in heaven.

As retirement became a reality we traded in our dream to sail around the world with the reality of extensive cruising aboard a trawler.  We bought a Monk 36 trawler in 2009 and began cruising up and down the eastern seaboard preparing for an eventual departure date for the “Great Loop”.

We joined the American Great Loop Cruising Association (AGLCA) and have made many friends acting as a harbor host for our town of Swansboro, NC.  We have loved meeting new friends with similar interests and have attended an AGLCA rendezvous in Norfolk Virginia.  We have spent a lot of time cruising between the Chesapeake Bay and Charleston SC and outfitting “Journey” to our specific requirements.

Our plan is to begin our adventure in May2013 from Swansboro, NC and cruise north.  We plan to complete our 7000 trip in the spring of 2014.  Mango loves to travel and truly enjoys living aboard “Journey”.  He commands the fly bridge while underway and lets us know when another boat approaches our stern with a deep growl.   We prefer to anchor out and take Mango ashore by dinghy which is the highlight of his day.  Mango “the flying dog” received his nickname from cruisers when they saw him fitted with a sling and lifted with the main boom and swung over the side of “Journey”  into the dinghy.  Melesia is waiting in the dinghy to unclip Mango for the trip ashore.

We hope you follow Melesia, Tom and Mango as they travel the “Great Loop” meet new friends and experience adventures of a lifetime.


Melesia retired Radiation Therapist

Tom retired Federal Agent (NCIS)

boat 2




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