At Home

family photo 2 001Our Life at Home

We moved to the historic waterfront town of Swansboro, NC in 2004 after a 3 year tour with NCIS in Iceland.  We bought a new home with about 3 1/2 acres on a tidal creek.  We already owned our retirement home in Florida but after 2 years decided to retire in Swansboro which was about 20 miles from Tom’s work with NCIS aboard Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base..  We built a pier on our creek and bought a fishing boat.  This area is wonderful with uninhabited barrier islands and beautiful secluded beaches that can only be reached by a shallow draft boat. The fishing is the best Tom has ever done.    The photo of the family with our 1934 Mercedes Benz 500 K was taken at Thanksgiving 2008.  From the left is  Amy, Josh, Melesia, Tom and Cait.   Tom’s Dad left us two of these cars. We recently gave one to Josh and Amy and the red one in the photo is going to Cait in the future.  In 2012, we were blessed with our first grandchild “Willow”.  We had originally planned to do the “Great Loop” in May 2012 but with “Willow” on the way we postponed to May 2013.  We built an 1800 sq ft garage for the cars with a guest apartment over.  Many of our friends and family have lived in the guest apartment.  It is particularly nice for our boating friends to stay while their boats are on the hard at a boat yard. We love visitors and have lots of room so if your near Swansboro, give us a call.  While we are on the “Great Loop” our very good friends Marshall and Patty Timm will stay in and take care of our house.  This will give them the opportunity to work on their beautiful live aboard 40 ft Pilgrim Trawler while off the boat.  We love our home and community but adventure calls!


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