Atlantic City

From Cape May, New Jersey, we went off shore and ran the coast up to Atlantic City. 

mangosjourney 015

I had to text my peeps and tell them it was like going in to Las Vegas, if we could exchange the ocean for the desert!!  It was fun coming in though.  All the casinos were beautiful. 

mangosjourney 016

We had looked at Skipper Bob’s Anchorages and chose a spot.  This was a strange place to get in.  We came in the inlet and had to manuever between the barges with cranes to get to this tiny little opening that had one foot of water on both sides of a 30 foot deep channel.  It was so narrow that I was up on the bow telling Tom to stay to the port sides since I could see bottom on the starboard side.  Of course, he thought he knew best and didn’t listen to me so we touched in a couple of places.  hhhhuuummpppttt.  When we got thru this little creek, we were in a beautiful bay looking place.  There were a couple of boats already there, so we took our spot and set up housekeeping.  A few other looper boats came in and we dingy over to have docktails on one of the BIG boats.  It was great fun.  I wish I had taken a picture of Dad climbing the ladder from the swim platform onto their boat.  He was a real trooper.  It was tough for ME. After drinks and snacks we headed back to take Mango ashore.  It was a beautiful sandy beach and when I was getting back in to the dingy we saw three horseshoe crabs doing the dirty deed.  I had never seen ONE horseshoe crab, much less three.  It was neat.  Mango was able to run on the beach a while and he loved it.

  mangosjourneyatlanticcity 003


4 thoughts on “Atlantic City

  1. Where are your photos of the horseshoe crabs? I’ve been thinking of you every day. Safe travels in these storms. Mom and Dad are supposed to arrive today for Caroline’s graduation tomorrow.

    Love, Louise

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